EFL Haiti!


This is Lisa Donohoe Luscombe, one of the blog contributors traveling to Hinche, Haiti.

Today I am packing for our trip to St Andre’s. My role will be to do an extensive English language teaching and learning assessment. I’m packing OLPC laptops, soccer balls and laptop chalkboards. I’m still waiting for jump ropes to arrive. We’ll see how we can use these for kinesthetic learning activities!

EFL Haiti Team

Also, allow me to introduce our awesome English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Haiti curriculum design team from the Monterey Institute of International Studies! These students are very excited and bursting with ideas about their project. They are working on a curriculum that integrates One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) with English language learning.

Meet, from the left: Maggie, Syd, Haley, and Dane!

One Comment on “EFL Haiti!

  1. Katie and Kim,
    I am delighted that you all are having this adventure together. I look forward to reading more about it and seeing pictures. I miss you two and the boys. Katie, it will be hard, but you can keep from petting all the dogs. You can definitely talk sweetly to them. Have a great time!



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