Geckos Are Really Cool


Today was school for the kids. We were introduced, and we got to sit in to some of the classes. It was really interesting watching the English class, teaching foreign kids words we already knew so well. “She is a girl. She is a her.” Then he would have the class repeat. It was actually pretty similar to an American class. I think one kid even got it wrong on purpose, just to make people laugh – and we all have at least one kid in our class that does that.

So then Mom and I went to help out with the little kids. They were about three years old and more than half of them were crying their eyes out. They hardly had any toys, and were basically just sitting around. So I brought out Mom’s iPad and set it to the “photo” application, so the kids could see their reflections and play around with that. Before long, however, they figured out that if you touch the screen, things will happen. Within seconds they were messing around with the iPad, banging and rubbing the screen. I raised it over my head so they couldn’t reach and pulled out a piano app, which they totally loved. Then I decided to put it away before they broke it in two. I went and grabbed my flute, then came back and began to play. I attracted a crowd of seven or eight kids at the height of my career, before they all got bored and went away. Anyway, I started playing “When the Saints go Marching In,” and the teachers began to sing along in Creole, which was cool. When that was over, I played other songs, but soon the kids were pressing various buttons on my flute while I was trying to play. Then I would kind of glare at them in a playful way and say, “What are you doing?” in sort of a strange voice. Of course, that made them crack up. It became a game, but they began hitting my flute pretty hard, so I stood up where they couldn’t reach. After a while I could sit back down again, and this one little boy sat on my lap and stayed there for an hour. Whenever I would stop playing to think of which song to do next, he would turn around and press the flute back onto my lips. “Keep playing!” But in about half an hour he started to get restless, so even though he wanted to stay and listen, he started doing all sorts of parkour stunts on my knees like a little swagmaster. He was my favorite.

It was pretty cool, too, because no one in the classroom spoke English, so I could basically say whatever I wanted to the kids. “You – you’re my favorite. You’re cool. You – You are a little stink.”

They were also playing around with my hair a lot. All of the girls had their hair up, with no bangs, so they kept grabbing mine and trying to put them up on the top of my head, like it was supposed to be. It was pretty cute.

Also. I caught the gecko. It was very cute and I was very proud of myself. I took pictures.

Geckos are really cool, when you think of it. They’re like the Spiderman equivalent of lizards – they can walk up walls and across ceilings, they can jump surprisingly high, they can pretty much do whatever they want. The only difference is they don’t wear tights and they can’t shoot web stuff out of their wrists (but their fingers are sticky and the feel weird). They also probably would not be good at fighting crime, unless you got a bunch of them together and tackled the bank robber so he couldn’t move, idk.

3 Comments on “Geckos Are Really Cool

  1. Katie (and Kim) I am LOOOVVING your reflections. It is so fun to read your thoughts, and it totally makes me want to be there. I am so glad for you both that you are having this trip. I can’t wait to read more. Blessings, Rob+


  2. Hi Katie!

    I very much like the way you describe your morning at St. Andre’s school, especially after reading Lisa’s account of the same thing so I can compare your two perspectives. sAnd I’m glad you’re able to relate so well to the little kids–we knew you would–and that part about being able to say whatever you want to them, including “little stink”, was a very good way to describe them I think. And telling us all about the gecko makes me almost feel like I was there. Keep up the good work, try and have a little fun, and stop chasing dogs!

    Love, Dad


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