Heavenly Sounds

Sunday 10/6

Saturday airport arrival went smoothly. The view of the Mountains from the plane window was spectacular. I sat next to a group from Living Waters. They were on a 3 day trip to construct a well and teach hygiene and dental care to children in Cap Hatian. A women from Living Waters named Carol promised to email me the curriculum they use.

I wasn’t sure how customs would go with all the materials we were carrying. Turns out “customs” was one fella at the luggage exit who made a decent attempt to look official and contemplative as he looked over the customs sheet, then looked us over for a second and waved us on.
The aggressive bag handlers I was warned about were all corralled outside the airport exit behind barracades. So we simply waited inside the air conditioned airport and looked for Pere Noe behind the window.

Pere Noe gave a few stern words under his breath to the men who followed us to through the parking lot. They were looking for a few Gourdes to help with the bags. They gave up, we loaded up and off we went. You can read Katie’s entry to get a sense of the pace through Port au Prince. We saw really very little of the city. But what we saw was an overload to the senses, sight, sound and smell.

Interesting fact about driving in Haiti… the best offensive tool is the horn, which it seems all Haitian drivers use liberally and skillfully. I can attest to this first hand as Pere Noe used this tool at least 952 times during our drive to Hinche and we managed to avoid hitting every moving target on the road.

So last night, as we settled in to our room, which is arms reach to the alter side of the church, the evening thunder showers began and the temperature became cooler. And then…. the choir began rehearsing for Sunday. It was so amazingly beautiful , and I apologize if I sound over sentimental, but the lightning and thunder started and it certainly appeared to me as though the people were singing and God was responding. I was certain in that moment that this would not be my last trip to Haiti.

lEnjoy the clips from the St. Andre’s Choir!

One Comment on “Heavenly Sounds

  1. You say Enjoy the clips of the St Andre choir? How, where, etc? I’d love to hear them since both you and Kate have mentioned them.


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