One Laptop Per Child

So, Wednesday we got to try the laptops (One Laptop Per Child Program) out with the kids. They absolutely loved it, and it was really fun, too. It was a little frustrating, though, as we couldn’t understand what the kids were saying when they asked for help. Anyway, they figured out the whole computer thing pretty quickly, and they had a lot of fun with the music application and the photo application especially. We only have 14 laptops here now, so 3-4 children had to share. I hope we can find a way to get more so that each kid can have one.

Also, we saw a really really big spider in the shower yesterday, and I was very happy but Mom freaked out and eventually Father Noe’s cousin came in, stunned it with his shoe, and took it outside. We got it on video, but the internet is quite slow and we can’t upload it at this time. But it was sooooo cool and I was very very happy. It was about four inches long, too. : D

4 Comments on “One Laptop Per Child

  1. Cool, you finally found your Acromantula! (Brody helped me with the spelling.)
    Can’t wait to see the video and can’t wait to see you on Sunday!



    ps. We’ve got a couple of dogs that you can pet over here…


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