Making Friends

Making FriendsSo, today we got to try out the laptops with 5th grade. They loved it, too, and it went pretty much the same as yesterday. Some of the sixth graders from the room across motioned for me to sit next to them, so I thought, “sure, whatever,” and went to join them. A student, Evens, who was translating for Mom and Lisa for the laptop instruction, followed me so we could communicate. The sixth graders asked me about my home, my family, and they kept saying things (in English, which they spoke a little of) like “you are pretty!” and “you have nice hair!” (All of the girls’ hair was short, black, and done up in little braids on their head; the boys only had stubble on their heads. My hair was completely down with nothing in it, and a pretty strange color, too, so you can imagine how I stood out.) They even said “I love you,” in a sort of joking way, I think, plus they were speaking another language, so it wasn’t nearly as serious as you would think. They started passing me notes saying things like, “you are beautiful” and “I love you,” in English. It did inflate my already over-large ego quite a bit, but I’m not sure I was comfortable with all the attention. And again, I don’t think they seriously meant any of it, especially since they were writing it in a language foreign to them. It was just because I was so strange and new to them. However, in the courtyard, one of the boys gave me a slip of paper that said “can you give me a call” with his phone number written underneath. So, yeah, I picked up a Haitian boyfriend (not really though). I also was mobbed by a horde of raging first through third graders during recess, who wanted to see if I was squishy or if my hair was made of noodles. I sort of went along with it, though it was difficult having all of the attention on me and I didn’t particularly enjoy it. It helped that we couldn’t understand what the other was saying, though.

Unfortunately, no sign of any more giant spiders, although there was a baby gecko on Lisa’s ceiling.

So yep. Tomorrow is our last full day, and when I get home I am going to fall asleep in a hot shower and then spend the rest of the day on a Supernatural marathon. (I am tired.)

2 Comments on “Making Friends

  1. Katie
    I’m so proud of you and so glad to were able to go with mom and have this experience! You’re a trooper -can’t wait to see you Sunday and hear a ll your stories.
    Love you


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