Seventh Day: Unleash Kids Travels North to Hinche, Haiti and St. Andre’s School! visited St. Andre’s in January to advance the One Laptop Per Child program. We are so grateful for this partnership of dedicated folks.

Haiti Dreams!

Early this morning we (Unleash Kids!) left Port-au-Prince for a 2 or 3 hour ride to St. Andre’s School in Hinche. Once here, we had some lunch and got to work checking out XO laptops and determining what kind of Wifi we can set up. Junior and Jeanide taught an XO class and we went over Sora’s recently developed class guide with one of the St.Andre’s teachers. After dinner, we stayed up flashing and fixing the laptops. It turns out around 200 students here are vigorously using them, and we’re very happy to see that!


XO class at St. Andre’s School in Hinche

Some other photos from today’s journey



College Saint Andre

Higher, Stronger, Further


Jan24-2014Day7Hinche10Tim shares his toys


The younger students in their green checked uniforms


The more advanced students in uniform




Sora and the kids


Jan24-2014Day7Hinche11Another great day!


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