Where the dirt road ends

Sora travels with Father Noe and the St. Dunstan’s Youth Missioners to Saints Innocents in LaBegue.

Kids Write

As the priest here in Hinche, Pere Noe is in charge of not just one church but a whole parish of them. He lives and works at St. Andre’s, but spends a lot of time traveling to the other churches he’s established in the surrounding villages – some Sundays, he gives the sermon in three different places, which may be hours apart from each other.

The road can be a little muddy. The road can be a little muddy.

In addition to taking care of these communities spiritually, Pere Noe works wonders in order to support them financially. He travels to fundraise money from American churches in order to construct church buildings, schools, and even resources like clean drinking water.

Today, we went and visited one of his churches/schools in a village called LaBeg that is just outside of Hinche. I was grateful for the chance to get away from the city – the majority of Haiti’s…

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