A Message from Father Noe at St. Andre

Hello my friends from Saint Dunstan.

Greetings! On Behalf of the teachers ,parents , the kids and myself I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support for the academic year 13 – 14. The academic year was a success with 90% of our kids passed their test to go to the next class. There are two reasons behind this result ,first the kids eat better and the teachers are on time to teach ,also we pay them on time as well. The parents also participate in the process as well. we do have a committee of parents in the school .

At the moment we now have 250 new students in different grade but as you know the 13th grade will leave to go to university ,may be in port au pce or somewhere else.

We are finalizing our budget for 2014 and 15 and will a send a copy ,as you know English will be taught this year  from 1st grade to 13th with more books and practice ,we do hire a nice woman to teach the kids from 1st to 6th and Evens will be as usual in the secondary from 7th to 13th .,we also hire two other teachers to train the kids for better skill in computer while Herodion and Dalus are doing their bestto help set up the good system we hope .As you know I am here in this school to make sure everyone  is doing their part to make the school the best school in Haiti,the bathroom and toilets are kept clean ,the kids wash their hand with soap every time the use the toilets.

One other aspect in the schooI am trying hard to organize is for music for the school wich I think is very important ,this year we will teach music from 1st grade to 11th grade to have a better band for the school ,I am also appealing for more instruments, the music academy for st andrew wich started at the beginning of july now have 150 kids in total .

At the moment we are preparing for the next academic year ,we are repairing benches ,chairs ,tables ,organizing more space for new kids and  seminars for teachers ,the different head of section and school starts in the first Monday in September, but for the officials class ,like 6th ,9th,12th 13th ,the wil start in the first week in august .Things are difficult but we keep trying hard to make a difference here in hinche .The water pump is working well  so far but I am very busy.

Once again thank you to you all and I know how much efforts you put to raise funds for st Andrew I will do my best  to show you good result and progress over the next five years  and without your support our task would be even more difficult . Thank you all

May God bless you always,

Rev Noe Bernier

St Andre


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