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Category: Katie’s visit

Making Friends

So, today we got to try out the laptops with 5th grade. They loved it, too, and it went pretty much the same as yesterday. Some of the sixth graders from the room across motioned for me to sit next…

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One Laptop Per Child

So, Wednesday we got to try the laptops (One Laptop Per Child Program) out with the kids. They absolutely loved it, and it was really fun, too. It was a little frustrating, though, as we couldn’t understand what the kids…

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Geckos Are Really Cool

Today was school for the kids. We were introduced, and we got to sit in to some of the classes. It was really interesting watching the English class, teaching foreign kids words we already knew so well. “She is a…

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We’re Finally Here!

Well, after an entire night of plane rides and minimal sleep, we arrived in Haiti in the early morning. We were picked up by Father Noe, the man that we are staying with, and drove through the streets of Port…

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On our way

Hello everyone : ) We are currently waiting at the San Francisco airport. We’ve got a good two hours before our flight takes off of sitting in these fancy spin-chairs in front of the indoor Pete’s coffee shop (which Mom…

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