Linux Laptops

Upper grade students use full-sized laptops running Linux Mint, which is regarded as the version of Linux with the closest user experience to Microsoft Windows.  Relative to the Windows operating system Linux is also more stable, requires far fewer reboots after updates, and is less prone to viruses and other forms of attack.  Computer Hope has a good comparison summary on the advantages and disadvantages of Linux relative to Windows.  Mint is free and comes with a variety of other software that is free thanks to licensing models such as GNU General Public Licensing.  This includes the office suite Libre Office, graphics programs such as Gimp,  and others.

A team based in northern Virginia and led by Denny Baumann enhanced Dell D810 laptops running Mint with typing software like Tux Typing, the math application TuxMath, and applications covering chemistry, astronomy, and others.  Among the additional software Denny’s team even included the GCompris suite of educational games designed for younger students.  This will help younger students feel more comfortable when transitioning to the Linux Mint laptops from the OLPC XO laptops.  Denny’s team has graciously provided all the Dell D810 laptops at St. Andre’s.

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