Hot Lunch Program

In 2019 we supported the launch of a locally purchased food program for St. Andre’s. Dedicated staff members make market weekly trips to market to acquire a variety of nutritions ingredients.  A team of ten staff members prepares the day’s meal. The smell of woodsmoke and garlic signals the start of the cooks’ day at 4am. By 11:00, three stations have been set up around the school to begin feeding the children.

The students eat in their classrooms. For the older children, the process is chaotic as they dig through used plates and utensils at the serving stations for a spoon or fork. For the younger children who eat in their classrooms, lunchtime is more orderly because the cooks deliver the food to their rooms.  For some, it is the only meal of their day.


Lower grade meal time

Our former kitchen has been upgraded and we work hard to fundraise to make our local food program successful.




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